Xbench comes with some useful predefined quality checks for completeness, consistency, numbers, tags, key terms, and so on. But if you need more, you can also create your own personal checklists to make sure that your translations are perfect. ApSIC Xbench 3.0 - Plugins and Extensions: ApSIC Xbench Plugin for SDL Trados Studio 2014 / 2015 / 2017 / 2019 - Build 14. Requires Trados Studio 2014 SP1 or later and ApSIC Xbench. The Only Bench You'll Ever Need. Xbench was developed by Spiny Software to provide a comprehensive benchmarking solution for Mac OS X. Xbench is useful not only for comparing the relative speeds of two different Macintoshes, but also for optimizing performance on a single machine. Lingotek Xbench Connector. ApSIC Xbench provides simple and powerful quality assurance and terminology management tools in a single package. Just load files in any of the dozens of CAT formats supported and get your translation quality to the next level. Key features. Integration. X-Bench elements can be seamlessly integrated with Crossroads systems components to build an open office benching configuration, or can be used as a stand-alone benching system to create free-standing application. YouTube Channel where ApSIC posts videos on Xbench features, without prior notice. ApSIC Xbench 3.0 now available for download. Search and QA many translation bilingual formats. Profile. ApSIC is a company specialized in technical translation and software product localization. Our dedication, skills and in-house developed technology provide a reliable service to demanding clients in the engineering and high tech segments. By clicking on the Menu button you can also download a copy of the presentation. To learn how to extend Xbench by adding searches to personal and project checklists, see my presentation Extending Xbench: Hhow Personal Checklists and Targeted Searchdes Can Make this Translation Using ApSIC Xbench 3.0: Xbench Plugin for SDL Trados Studio: This section will show you how to use ApSIC Xbench, a powerful tool for linguistic QA and terminology search. I've been working as a freelance translator for 3 years and now I am looking for a different entry level full-time job and sending out my CV to different companies, and the one looking for a localisation manager sent me a test assignment But there is one issue with it. It's a different language pair, not the one I applied for and I don't have a clue what the target text column says. Am I overthinking it and it's just a mistake or should one be able to analyse the report just by looking. Популярные альтернативы Xbench для платформ Mac. 9 программ которые можно использовать для замены Xbench, все предлагаемые аналоги имеют рейтинг от пользователей сайта. Anyone know of a good way to test the quality of the current ram i have in my macbook pro and then see how the performance changes after i install the new ram? I know i can just see the difference in performance by using the computer but i would like to see some performance metrics that justify the upgrades. So I'd like to create my own personal term bank - not necessarily for usage with a CAT, but definitely an option down the line. For those who do have one and maintain it, what piece of software I used Xbench for years to benchmark my hardware before and after upgrades, as well as before and after OS upgrades (from 10.3 to 10.4 etc etc) The Xbench website ( had this great database that you could upload your previous scores for comparison or other systemss, and it was rather straightforward. I remember formatting my first Raid 0 multiple times with different stripe sizes until I finally got the performance I wanted and I uploaded all of the results to their Xbench 2.7, RU. ApSIC Xbench is an integrated reference tool that provides a clear and structured insight into the terminology of any translation project. Hello has anyone on here found a good solution to sort out the WHDLoad collection for a frontend! There are multiply versions of the same game over 3000 files! I have to import them to my frontend launchbox but with so many duplicates and different region types it would take forever to sort! Is there a WHDLoad collection out there with just one copy of each game ? Or a tool to help me sort them out thanks. Learn step by step how to perform a Quality Assurance (QA) check with Xbench, step by step, by using the mouse or shortcuts. Also, you can find out how you correct errors UPDATE: To anyone who finds this, drive was failing. RMA'ing to PNY. I tried to update OS X the other day, and I think I screwed up my drivers. I was having issues with the network freezing and locking up. But that seems resolved for now. But the system will come to a crawl for no reason when nothing is running. After running Xbench, I believe this is the issue: Results 16.10 System Info Xbench Version 1.3 System Version 10.10 (14A389) Physical RAM 16384. X benches in particular are very popular, as the X mechanism creates stability and durability. Indeed, many of these useful benches can be folded up and stored away. From elegant, tufted upholstery benches, to rustic, distressed wood benches, to metallic benches in lovely leather, you'll find your ideal X bench at Wayfair. ApSIC Xbench は、パソコンを使用した翻訳の効率をグッと改善できる非常に便利なソフトウェアです。近年は翻訳会社でもよく使われるようになっています。痒い所に手が届く機能が満載なので、翻訳関係者で使ったことが. XBENCH test the HD for about 2-3 seconds. I'd like to be able to speed-test the whole SSD. Thanks in advance. 1) Можно, установив бесплатные дополнительные словари. 2) Xbench не предназначен для составления глоссариев. Уважаемые коллеги, на TFR-2014 в Екатеринбурге я выступал с докладом о системе контроля качества переводов xBench. Upgrading from a 5400 RPM to 7200 RPM HDD makes a notable difference? I know SSD is the better choice, but they are pretty much expensive though. I found some SSDs here with a good price: Samsung 840, Kingston SSDNow v300 and Sandisk Ultra Plus. They are basically at the same price range, which one i should cop? My specs: i5 2.5ghz, 4gb 1600mhz and 500gb 5400RPM. raise the quality of your translation up a notch Xbench is a software program that runs automatic tests and provides quality assurance and terminology. Hi game developers, this is my another text on game localization related issues. As usual - the full text with images/files and proper formatting is at FreeIndieL10N.com ( ampnbsp; Why do you need a game localization style guide? Recently I wrote a blog post where I describe how to check localization of a game for free, with almost no effort (http://freeindiel10n.com/2018/01/how-to-check-game-localization. Discussion among translators, entitled: Xbench for QA - do you like it?. Forum name: CAT Tools Technical. In some of my previous posts I tried to shed some light on financial matters and savings when localizing games ( Save money on game localziation (https://www.reddit.com/r/gamedev/comments/64uibc/save_money_on_game_localization_2_different/). Now I'd like to share some simple tips for developers who want to check quality of translations they receive from localizers. In this text I assume: you do not know foreign languages, have little time to spare (about 20 minutes) Hello everyone, I have two PowerMac G4 Mirror Drive Door towers, one is a dual 867MHz CPU model (FireWire 400) which works great. The other was a "for parts" model (also FireWire 400) I got for free, it is only missing the PSU, but has a dual 1GHz CPU. I attempted to upgrade the dual 867MHz CPU tower and put the dual 1GHz CPU in the working tower. However, OS 9 and OS X only see it as a "dual 800MHz" CPU and Xbench shows the speed is in fact worse than the dual 867MHz setup. The sticker. О сайте: Анализ данных xbench.com показал, что у этого домена низкий рейтинг Alexa и это малоизвестный сайт с плохой посещаемостью. Background This is my first year power-lifting and this is my last meet of the my junior year. I have another meet coming up in August as well so hopefully I can look back at this and see some good result from this summer's training. I had another meet prior to this and injured by back so my dead-lift has dramatically dropped down from 405 lbs / 183.7 KG to which I could only hit 360 lbs / 163.3 KG this week. Definitely going step back from the deadlift and give my back a break. Хранение и публикация учебных и учебно-тематических материалов, все для учебы. This laptop is bought by my employer so I'm unsure of whether I should let my employer know that my laptop is underperforming. I noticed things were going slower than usual when installing basic apps. Here's the XBench. Disk Test 150.02 Sequential 79.01 Uncached Write 23.93 14.69 MB/sec 4K blocks Uncached Write 2159.37 1221.77 MB/sec 256K blocks Uncached Read 164.63 48.18 MB/sec 4K blocks Uncached Read 435.74 219.00 MB/sec 256K blocks Random 1480.00 Uncached. ApSIC Xbench Автоматизированная проверка переводов. Версия 2.9 уже не поддерживается, зато совершенно бесплатная. Notepad++. EDIT: Thanks everyone for the quality feedback. Based on some suggestions I did more digging into the hard drive performance. I got Xbench which provided these numbers which look a bit suspect to me. I wonder if the hard drive is just slow, faulty, or starting to fail. Abysmal hard drive speeds would explain the performance problems I'm having. Disk Test 56.49 Sequential 128.71 Uncached Write 139.21 85.48 MB/sec 4K blocks Uncached Write 132.82 75.15. Бесплатные xbench plugin for trados studio скачать программное обеспечение на UpdateStar. We did it! Someone in our forum managed to make the files work. I believe he actually modded the tools instead so they would work to extract and recreate the text files. I just started working in the translation. I have no idea how long it will take, but the games is huge so I believe it won't be easy and we won't finish anytime soon. I don't want to hurry because I will try my best to keep the quality of the original text and I'm concerned about the meaning of every Программа ApSIC Xbench для открытия файлов xbp, xbrakenv, xbms. EDIT: Going to bed now (hopefully I can sleep). I've made the general layout. Great ideas so far! As someone pointed out, the link on the sidebar for new users is 3 years old and I felt this would be a better way to update/fix it. Please bare with me as I don't own all Apple products (for example, Android phone and tablets). If I've missed anything, please let me know (it's 5am where I am and I've had zero sleep). I'll add in resources (guides, how-to's) and QampAs as they start rolling. I'm currently working on a project where we are translating a source that contains a bunch of proper names and acronyms, along with the translateable text, into 10 different languages. We have a general DNT rule for all of the names, institutions, and acronyms but because of the way that some of the linguists work within our CAT tool instead of copying from the source into the target they are typing them out and introducing errors in spelling or transposing the letters in the acronyms. X-Bench is a simple and minimalistic Open Office Architecture system which is ideal for light and trendy offices. Its clear lines, seamless table tops, integrated wire management and clean understructure create a pleasing imagery. Hello fellow Amigans! I'm hoping to get some kind of technical support- am venturing into the world of CF cards, WHDLoad amp XBench with (very) limited success so far. Most of my happiest Amiga memories were on an Amiga 500, with 1.3 kickstart. trying to run an Amiga 1200 with these programs, WhdLoad isn't working on anything so far. I have questions galore about kickstarts, 'downgrading' roms amp CF potentials. not sure if this is allowed though! Cheers. 印刷日期 2015年12月23日 使用 ApSIC Xbench 版本. After posting the picture of my rig here ( it seemed some people were interested in how I set it all up. I started off by looking over TonyMac's CustoMac parts listing ( but then tweaked it a little bit. Antex Three Hundred case ( GIGABYTE. Xbench. 918 likes. The Amiga game launcher and more. (File manager Hello! My office is getting rid of a bunch of equipment. We're around Broadway and Houston, send me a message if you want to drop by and browse the lot. I'll try to update this post throughout the day with some more details on the monitors/computers, but I have other stuff to do at work so if you have specific questions please ask. My boss is happy to accept U.S. currency or bitcoin. --- Update: Three people in the last hour asked about laptops, so I powered one up to check the specs. X-bEnCh 1.1 XMas'17 Beta release is finally here ! There is a lot of new features but the main ones are : - Faster in many points - New Whdload/Exe. I ask because i've not really noticed any performance gains since upgrading. Screenshot of results using XBench: http://imgur.com/taWXsEj. Regular Expressions and Microsoft Word Wildcards. ApSIC Xbench allows you to perform powerful searches using regular expressions or Microsoft Word wildcards. Translation article entitled "Using Xbench as a low cost TM solution". ApSIC Xbench 3.0 file formats. Contribute to xbench/xbench-file-formats development by creating an account on GitHub. Build a simple DIY Upholstered X-bench using 2x4s. The simple 2x4 bench plans are easy to follow even for the beginner woodworker. This DIY cross leg upholstered bench makes a great addition DIY entryway bench or an end of bed bench. A super quick and cheap project and used only 2 boards. Xbench was developed in response to the lack of convenient benchmarking tools on Mac OS X. It provides a range of useful tests, and is constantly being improved to offer accurate results that can be compared between different.